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logo-gedicht via ChatGPT.

Gepubliceerd op 10 maart 2023 om 10:35


ChatGPT screef voor mij een gedicht over logo's. Het resultaat was zeker niet slecht!

Logos, the symbols of brands we know,
Emblems of companies that we show,
In bright colors, they catch our eyes,
On products we buy, they mesmerize.


Golden arches for burgers we eat,
Swoosh of Nike on shoes for our feet,
Apple with a bite, so sleek and cool,
A logo's power is a brand's main tool.


From Coca-Cola to McDonald's M,
Each logo has its own rhythm,
They represent values and reputation,
And build loyalty through association.


Logos make brands stand out in a crowd,
Distinctive and memorable, they're loud,
A visual shorthand of what they stand for,
Their meanings, we all come to adore.


So next time you see a logo in sight,
Think of the brand it represents with might,
A symbol of trust and identity,
Logos, a powerful tool of humanity.

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